Friday, June 26, 2009

Would not like to encounter this!

On the other hand I think it would be great fun for my players to encounter one, or three. In generic terms that probably don't match any game system I offer to you the

Bugeye Stalkus Cuspiscruris

Commonly known as "ahhhh, what the hell is that?" the bug-eye stalked spike legged spider is often the alpha predator of its environment, deep underground. Equally adept at ambushing from ceiling, wall crevice and the like or stalking (tracks as a ranger of equal HD). Few escape its spiky embrace.

Size: Large 10' leg to leg

HD: 6

AC: 20 (16 natural +4 dex)

2 forelimb attacks, 1d6+1 piercing damage each. On a good hit (19-20) the victim has been impaled and is considered grappled. On the following round the spike legged spider will retreat to munch (d4+2 automatic each round) it's snack.

Special Defense: Once per encounter can cast web (as spell). Typically to make good it's escape.

Special Qualities: It's eyes are sensitive to heat (double distance infravision) and extremely acute (low surprise chance).

Special Weakness: Intense light (brighter than a torch) dazzles its sensitive eyes (-2 AC, -2 tohit and other actions). Double damage/effect from light based magic.

Radioactive Bugeye Stalkus Cuspiscruris

Is identical to it's more common cousin except for the following. It glows in the dark, has no light sensitivity, has xray vision 60', can emit gamma radiation beams from each of its two eyestalks. A black ray that affects everything in a straight line out to 120', each target takes 1d6 of burn damage and has 50% chance that one memorized spell is lost (randomly chosen).

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