Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is the Old School Bloggosphere Loosing Steam?

I believe my RPG Reading List has the Blogger portion of the OSR pretty well covered. Recently I've noticed some trends that point towards us having reached "Peak Old School". And that it's maybe downhill from here. Several bloggers have quit, others taking breaks/burning out, and several more withholding content so they can commercially publish it. Seems only about a third of my enormous blog roll updates regularly 1/week. I'm assuming some of the remainder have quit/burntout/are on haitus without notice.

Also seems like larger percentage of posts are rehashing meta junk. "What is Old School", "My idea of Old School", "Edition War", "Old Artists are Great", "Why I like Old School", "It's Neo-Classical!", "Clerics/Thieves/Accending AC sux/are great."

Is the bubble bursting? Have you said all that's worth saying this time around? Do we have to wait till 5e for another spurt of new blood/creativity/posting?

On the other hand during this same time I've added 5-10 new blogs to my blog roll. So maybe like Peak Oil Peak Old School will never be reached because we keep finding new sources to plunder.

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