Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hasbro's no PDF is attempt to Squash Old-School?

Anyone else think Hasbro's demand to remove all legal sources of PDFs for ALL versions of D&D is an attempt to squash old-school renaissance, the 3.x community, and others? If they really care about "pirating" of 4ed (which ain't that big a deal cause their business model is to sell mini's and online subscriptions, not books which aren't that nearly as profitable.) why did they shut down ALL previous versions? Also, if 4ed is so awesomelly better than anything that came before why the need to shut down ALL previous versions.

Just like the MPAA's and RIAA's whines about "piracy" this had nothing to do with copyright infringment or lost sales and everything to do with control. Hasbro doesn't want you to play the old versions cause they don't make Hasbro enough money.

Just like the MPAA and RIAA their pathetic thrashings only hurt their image, galvenize the community against them and are doomed to fail. Hasbro is even more screwed cause of the OGL and that it's hard to copyright mechanics.

Instead of making a product people wanted Hasbro created a product to maximize their profits and have been convincing gamers it's what they want (some do). Gamers are flocking to PathFinder, retro clones, and the like. We have all the rules, supplements, adventures we will ever need and in all styles/flavors we want. And if we run out or get bored with the monstrously huge hoard that has been produced over past 30 years, we can make more. We don't need Hasbro.

Keep playing, keep sharing.

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