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Bay Area, 2103
As the Internet expanded into every aspect of life and each successive generation remembered less about any other way of living or communicating, crowding consumers together in cities and going places to buy stuff and services became less and less important. Eventually corporations abandoned the cities. Lacking property and other business taxes cites deteriorated, encouraging more people and business to leave. Eventually, everyone that could had moved out.

May 14, 2070 a magnitude 8.9 earthquake rocked the Bay Area. Later called "The Shake". The Golden Gate's north tower crashed into the bay dragging most of the span with it. BART2 and the Coastal MagLev up and down the peninsula were devastated. Nearly all local utility and transportation infrastructure was destroyed. The Pepsi Cola Dike, built the previous decade to hold back the rising oceans held, mostly . Over 40% of all private property was knocked or burnt down. Most of the rest was condemnable or destroyed during the ensuing month long riots, "The Burn".

No one rushed to rebuild a city that was half-empty anyway. Plans were drawn up to repair the Coastal MagLev up the eastern side of the bay, but money for the project never materialized. The Bay Bridge newly hardened vs terrorists in 2043 was one of the few large structures to survive. But within a decade CALTRANS elected to tear it down rather than pay to maintain it. Most corporations had already relocated their data centers and network infrastructure to geologically stable Sacramento or further afield. 90% of their workers telecommuted from PRDs (Planned Rural Developments; gated communities and various other quiet, safe, corporate controlled areas). The USA and the world wrote the Bay Area off as a bad investment.

Soon after the Shake and Burn San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the Bay Area fell into near anarchy. Only a few enclaves maintained any semblance of order and stability. The largest of these, based around the old public power generation facility and grid, slowly united the enclaves and "reclaimed" much of the city. By 2103 there is a democratically run "city-state", the GBA (Greater Bay Area). It controls large parts of what was once referred to as The Bay Area. Gaining defacto autonomy since, as of yet, the GBA leadership has been careful not to give anyone a reason to care what happens around SF Bay.

Oh yeah, the earthquake also opened a hellmouth & legions of the dead are conveniently close in Colma.

Welcome to BuffyPunk, a BtVS Campaign

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG "Series". Set a century into the future, slightly cyber punkish; dark, violent, corporate ruled future. Mostly, it's about kicking vampire ass.

Player Background

By the time Buffy's replacement slayer made the scene the forces of evil were enjoying an upswing. The dual slayers and other anti-vampire forces slowed their resurgence to a creep. That worked like a charm until one of the slayer's went missing in the last decade of the 21st century. She is not dead as no replacement slayer has appeared. Through powerful divination magic The Reformed Council has come to believe she is cyrogenically frozen and in orbit. Whether put there by vampires, a government agency, or a corporate research lab and for what purpose they remain at a loss.

Although, the general population remains clueless most corporations are aware of vampires and the occult. But, few corporate boards "get it" when it comes to supernatural blood-suckers. Fewer still realize vampires are the low-end of the demon power scale and that there are bigger bads to worry about. Corporations by and large view vampires as just another risk to be budgeted for. Magic, mysticism, and other occult powers aren't products C-levels can wrap their business school trained minds around. They try to ignore the para-normal and when that fails specially trained black-ops units are sent in but often do not come out.

Shamans, witches, sorcerers and other practitioners have little use for the mundane power corporations offer and by necessity nearly all gravitate towards a more or less active anti-demon lifestyle. They infrequently cooperate but their combined efforts have saved the earth, nature and humankind from the worst deprivations of demons and corporations.

Demons are the bestest with the mostest but they lack organization and direction. They await a leader badassed enough to unify them...

[Thus started a campaign that ended up being a 1-shot that I regretfully did a poor job at DMing all back around 2003 or so. More to come.]

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