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Tuesday is God Day - Airlan Synarion, Beaho, and Brogine of The Nine

Tuesday is God Day cause it's named after Tyr. Since I learned about him as a little kid Tyr has never been replaced as my most favorite god of all. Although I really like Beaho.

This post continues a series on the gods of Pelos, the major power in my high magic, epic, pseudo Roman/Ancients campaign. This glossary might be helpful.

The Nine
Confusingly there are more than nine gods in The Nine. Different areas of the Known World elevate different gods into this group.

The Nine are the "movers and shakers" of the pantheon. Powerful and having large spheres of influence. Airlan Synarion, Beaho, Brogine, Creegus, Ealnor, Elondar, Mylien, Ryllan Synarion, Sineiri Syl, Zoryd.

Airlan Synarion
"a-earl-an se-na-ree-on" - Intermediate Deity (Chaotic Good)

The Watcher is one of The Nine. She sees and knows all but these heavy burdens have driven her insane. She warns the other gods of their doom but her cryptic mutterings and crazed rants they cannot comprehend.

She is a middle-aged comely Pelosian with unkempt "crazy woman" hair. Her arms are twisted at odd angles, clawing at unknown worries. She contorts her body in an effort to see or hear better. See or hear what, others dare not ask. Airlan's normal attire is an over sized, dingy, white smock, but, she sometimes forgets to dress. Airlan Synarion's holy symbol is a crystal ball. Her favored weapon, the whip.

"They come!"

Portfolio: divination, knowledge, protection, madness

Domains: Protection, Community, Knowledge, Oracle, Madness

Cleric Training: Only females become priestesses of Airlan. They are not trained as much as "chosen". Once touched by her madness a priestess has little choice but to tread Airlan's twisted path. None stay coherent for long, few last more than three years before Airlan's madness consumes their bodies as it has their minds.

Quests: Warning those who will listen of The End. Studying, recording and expanding knowledge of the past, seeking out musty tomes in long forgotten ruins. For in the past one finds the future.

Prayers: are given in a muttering, halting chant, punctuated by inexplicable bouts of screaming and violent thrashing.

Temples: No one builds temples to Airlan. But she has her place amongst The Nine and a surprising number of shrines are dedicated to her.

Rites: None

Herald and Allies: Doom is Airlan's herald and has no allies as all fear her divinations. Even her brother, Ryllan Synarion, cares little for her other than as a tool to sow strife and argument amongst the other gods.

"bay-ho" - Greater Deity (Lawful Neutral)

Beaho is one of The Nine. It lurks in the heart, ready to strike at anytime but preferring to fester and grow. It chases the wicked and destroys those in the wrong.

Representations of Beaho are either a formless pool of blackness or a warrior clad in black Eldar style armor. A black iron bar held horizontally is Beaho's holy symbol. Beaho's priests wield it's favored weapon, the dire flail.

"Beaho sends his regards, prepare to die."

Portfolio: vengeance, punishment, destruction

Domains: Destruction, Inquisition, Celerity, Travel, Law

Cleric Training: Priests of The Nine, Pantheists, and Beaho specifically are common. They start training together at various temples, monasteries, and religious schools. Clerics of Beaho are destined to be inquisitors, prosecutors, and often judge and jury. They study the laws of Pelos and are charged with punishing any who violate them.

Quests: Followers are often tasked with tracking down and delivering justice to dangerous criminals and creatures.

Prayers: are accompanied with sacrifices / destruction.

Temples: The typical Pelosian temple will have statues or altars to The Three in the middle surrounded by altars to The Nine. Which in turn are surrounded by nooks and crannies for alters to the many others. Shrines and temples dedicated specifically to Beaho are rare. Although prisons, inquisition(torture) chambers and execution sites are dedicated to it.

Rites: Priests of Beaho are common in courtrooms, as prosecutors, judges, often both. Certain punishments (treason, adultery, crimes against one's family) are traditionally exacted by them.

7-05 Naynano, First Pentad is known as "Judgement Day" the day Beaho runs wild and those who have thus far escaped justice, meet their fates. It is a day most remain locked in their houses.

Herald and Allies: If you spot a faceless warrior clad in black Eldar style armor do not bother to run, Beaho has come and justice will prevail. Lirlenion, Creegus, Ryllan
share goals with Beaho and their respective priests often work together.

"bro-gine" - Intermediate Deity (Chaotic Good)

Lord of the Forests, he is one of The Nine except in Darsis and parts of the Wildlands where Elondar takes his place.

Brogine is a woodland deity that usually takes the form of a large Treant, though on occasion he has taken the form of Satyrs and Centaurs. He never appears in humanoid form.

He will aid any creature that respects the woodlands and forests that he protects. But Brogine has a great fear of fire and will do anything to prevent the spread of fire in his forests. For this reason priests of Brogine may not use any magic that involves the use of fire, neither spell, scroll, or magic item. His holy symbol is a Treant. His favored weapon is the club.

"Treat the woods well or abuse them, either way Brogine will respond in kind thrice fold."

Portfolio: woodlands, forest gnomes, druids

Domains: Plant, Protection, Animal

Cleric Training: Priests of The Nine and Pantheists train together at various temples,
monasteries, and religious schools. Priests of Brogine continue their training in the forests where they learn about the plants and animals that dwell there.

Quests: Protecting and expanding woodlands. Secret rituals performed on dark nights.

Prayers: Most prayers to Brogine are in the form of haunting melodious songs sung acapella or accompanied by the flute.

Temples: The typical Pelosian temple will have statues or altars to The Three in the middle surrounded by altars to The Nine. Which in turn are surrounded by nooks and crannies for alters to the many others. Shrines and temples dedicated specifically to Brogine are common amongst the forest gnomes. They are always in wooded areas and are often made from living trees and plants that have been molded into the proper shapes.

Rites: Brogine is central to many ceremonies and traditions of the forest gnomes.

Herald and Allies: Treant, other woodland creatures. Brogine and his priests are somewhat isolated and stick to themselves. He does not have much in common with the other except Myri who overshadows him in importance to all but the forest gnomes.

Most Tyr's days I'll post about the gods, religions, cults from my campaigns. Next time, Creegus, Ealnor, and Elondar of the The Nine.

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  1. Airlan is an interesting concept, I can see alot of potential for horror adventure with her.


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