Sunday, June 28, 2009

OMFG - Dungeon Majesty

Follow up to the Fun School Rockumentary, aka best D&D Video evar. Which just got an extra dose of awesome sauce! According to these comments by Stuart
"That video was edited by Riley Swift of Dungeon Majesty / Telefantasy Studios. The music was composed for the video by one of the guys from the Metal Band 'Crom?'."
Not sure that is the right Crom, they're a much heavier deathmetal sound than the D&D video which seems power metally. But, I do not lament nor am I a princess so, wtf do I know? This Crom is maybe the one to blame instead. Hell probably some other Crom entirely. I mean there's got to have been a couple hundred or more metal bands named Crom.

Whatever. OMFG Dungeon Mastery! A public access TV style show of four young ladies and a DM playing D&D, acting out scenes, replete with fantabously awesome type cheesy green screen, models and FX. Guess I don't get out much cause the show has started and been done a couple years now. Some images from their gallery. The show trailer and several clips below. Along with video from each Crom at the bottom. It's better than bad it's good!

Snake Charm Mother Fucker!

Hotties vs Kirk!


Power Crom!

Death Crom!


  1. They're working on a new show right now - a sci-fi one called "The Multinauts". :)

  2. I've seen clips from that show before, but this just reminded of how hilarious and unique that is. They just got added to my link list.

  3. The cast from Dungeon Majesty are all really gamers (they're not just actors) and they also do all the behind the scenes work on the shows as well (cameras, lights, make-up, costumes, editing, FX, music).

    Riley (the DM) really is the DM for their group.

  4. @Stuart

    Yeah, I saw Multinauts, somewhere someone said it was DungeonMaster but with Star Frontiers, doubleplusgood! All I find is the trailer clip though. I'm a man of instant gratification, sadly. Gimmie now or I lose interest.

    From the vid it's obvious to me they're gamers. The DM knows his rules, and the players got it goin on!

    Yay! I did some Public Access TV in San Francisco and always wanted a show like this (GeekTV). But never could get a posse of like minded weirdos together. And it really is a lot of work to put together a show. Especially with all the FX and LARPish scenes.


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