Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free RPG, Why Buy?

That's only the ones reviewed by the Free RPG Blog. If you can't find something interesting there to play or riff ideas off of, man, I just don't understand you. And if you think it's all low production, amateurish schlock. One, you're wrong and two, get off your high-horse you pretentious wanker.

There is a nearly endless stream of creative, innovative fan-based material on the net or printed at cost like Fight On! More than you could easily get through. Tis why the Free RPG Blog is one of the most important blogs/resources the RPG community has. Finding, filtering, and reviewing some of the hoard that is out there for all to use. Rob Lang is most deserving of a Tip of the Hat.

From that list of reviewed free RPGs I've played (and would recommend) FUDGE, Brutal, the unrevised JAGS, FATE, Star Frontiers (back in the day). I'm really interested in trying out Midgard and Dominion Rules. And so want to run a short campaign of Digitally Remasterd Star Frontiers. Also ripping tons of great ancient flavor from Zenobia.

There's really no need to buy another RPG product ever. For me games have always been a hobby, not an industry. Never wanted to make it a job and after discovering FUDGE I understood there was no need for publishers. Of course I still buy stuff (although often used and mostly from small pubs). Except for a few major players, publishers are all right. They just don't provide a needed service anymore. But neither does Starbucks.

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