Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun School Rockumentary

Been posted to various blogs and comments recently, tis where I saw it. But this video is way, way too awesome to not get posted again.

Made for some D&D Fan Film. This was 3rd finalist. Have absolutely no idea why this didn't win by a land slide. Maybe too many newb kids voting who have no clue and don't recognize 30 years of history. Damn kids, get the hell off my dungeon.


  1. Im a huge fan of that video, its got all the charms of D&D I like without the stuff I don't.

  2. Yes, this is pretty much D&D distilled for me. Love this video!

    Although, it is bit heavy on the Terry Dykstra art...but what are you gonna do? ;P

  3. Yeah, I guess it doesn't have much really old (geriatric?) school in there. Although, big hair space chicks beckoning you into a diamond shaped portal is older than old school. If your school don't got room for big haired space chicks, your school Sucks!

    More of 1st ed and fwd thing. Which pretty much was my reality. Why it strongly invokes fun-school for me (and the space chicks). So, maybe only 20 years of history. Damn kids still need to recognize!


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